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Diversity and Inclusivity by Design (d+iD) research started in 2016 and currently collaborating with FABRICA Research Centre (IT), AIGA (USA), International Refugees Forum (GR), the Cyprus High Commission (CHC), (UK) and the Greenwich Autistic Society (UK). It uses practice research methods to co-design inclusive projects that engage people deeply throughout design processes. The outcomes of the research include a collection of artefacts, an educational film (TED-ed), a series of specialist talks, three International panel discussions, a trilogy of International exhibitions in London, Athens and Malta. 

The research is based on speculation concerning, what is enabled when designers design with, and for others? How our design processes will amplify, diversify, and mobilise this under-investigated aspect of practice and discourse; where design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language or age.

The research element of the exhibition investigated how inclusive design thinking is used in current innovation processes, Dr. Maragiannis assessed the effectiveness of the outcomes, which included diverse and inclusive design and arranged them in three themes: Comercial-driven, Human-facing and Community-challenging, and sought to exhibit conceptual design proposals where the narrative and ideas were as important as the designs. This research is currently an important asset for the EYES EU Funded project as the outputs of the research are essential for a series of interdisciplinary and multicultural co-design workshops. 

The London 2017 and Athens 2019 exhibitions offered 15 diverse and inclusive projects, the London 2019 exhibition (forthcoming) commissioned by the CHC and the Cyprus Ministry of culture to showcase 9 Cypriot diverse and inclusive design proposals.

Dr. Maragiannis was also commissioned to develop the CHC Diversity and Inclusion Arts Policy which proposes a new paradigm of research governance that foregrounds transparency, personal choice and collaboration over design diversity and inclusion (June 2019). 

The research exhibitions are covered by London Design Festival & partners. The LDF attracted 588,200 individual visitors from over 75 countries and was reported widely, including Design Week, Icon. The research drew on a number of publications (exhibition catalogues 2018, 2019 and BST Journal 2019) detailing research was reviewed at the BW issue (2018), and the Neurodiversity and Digital Inclusion annual report. (2018) The work was originally funded
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