About d+ID. 

Diversity and Inclusivity by Design (d+iD) research started in 2016 and currently collaborating with FABRICA Research Centre (IT), AIGA (USA), International Refugees Forum (GR), the Cyprus High Commission (CHC), (UK) and the Greenwich Autistic Society (UK).

What We Do

We are enthusiastic about design, we are focus on people, we are curious about innovations. Practice research it is the heart of our projects. Its main research question is: What is enabled when designers design with, and for others? To design inclusively is to engage people deeply throughout the design process, sharing our practices and amalgamating people’s unique knowledge as design interventions. Through practice research d+iD will amplify, diversify, and mobilise this under-investigated aspect of practice and discourse; where design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language or age.


Our aim

Our aim is to work with creative people that through their design work want to change the way we see things; to rapidly diagnose and explore key challenges and highlight opportunities where design can add measurable social, commercial and non-commercial value. We believe that on-going research in the area of d+iD will strengthen our understanding and ability to engage in collaborative research in designdriven innovation, social innovation and interdisciplinary design so we can inform and maybe change our world. We detect the rapid changes in our daily communication. We want to encourage collaborations and support individuals from the creative industries, both early and mid-career researchers to explore the theories, histories and practices of a diverse range of design activities through Making; Networking; Exhibiting; Talking; Celebrating diversity and inclusivity by design. We encourage collaboration between academics, researchers and practitioners drawn from design related disciplines including spatial design, participatory design (co-design), visual communication, interactive design, architecture, fashion, and media.